About Us

Bell Tea Co. - A New Zealand favourite

In 1898, Norman Harper Bell had a vision to create a better tea for the country he called home - a passion and dedication we share today. For almost 120 years, we’ve been dedicated to exploring the world of tea & blending locally for a consistent taste. Our BrewMasters source some of the best teas, fruits & herbs from across the globe, to craft a range of teas specifically for New Zealanders tastes.


Tea Quality Standards

The Bell Tea Company guarantees freshness of our teas through ensuring product reaches stores and food outlets in a great condition, and they meet our quality standards. Bell has a barrier proofing in the packaging to keep the air out. All our unprocessed tea is packed in foil lined sacks to provide a moisture barrier and keep the tea dry.

Correctly stored, tea can stay fresh up to three years. It's much better though to keep your tea turning over so we recommend buying small quantities often.

We aim to be environmentally friendly in all areas of tea production. Bell uses recyclable packaging and we use chlorine free paper in all our tea bag products.

Social Responsibility

Ethical Tea Partnership

Bell Tea is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). The ETP is a worldwide organization that monitors living and working conditions on tea estates. The ETP aim is to ensure that tea is produced in a socially responsible way and has the credibility of being independently audited. For further information about the ETP and to visit their site click the ‘More’ button below. 

In February 2010, the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO) and the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) announced a joint commitment to work together to improve the lives of tea workers and promote sustainability in the tea industry. 

Tea Innovation

We aim to promote a culture of driving innovation in the tea category, bringing new products to New Zealanders from around the world. We're committed to sharing new tea experiences with our customers and more tea drinking across our extensive range.

Our Commitment

We are excited about the increasing importance of tea as people are more health aware and the benefits of tea are becoming more well known. The Bell Tea Company is committed to providing New Zealanders with a superb range of teas, chosen and blended to suit their ever changing and developing tastes.